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International students and researchers
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Accomodation in a CROUS university residence

  • International exchange students
    UPEM’s  International Office (SRI-E) does it’s best to place every year international exchange students in one of the residences managed by the CROUS. This service is not automatically insured since the number of accomodations is limited.  In order to increase your chances to obtain an accomodation, you shall contact the SRI-E (

  • International non-exchange students
    International non-exchange students are received according to the rooms available not assigned to the « Dossier Social Etudiant » (DES).  Students have to set up a « Dossier Logement Etudiant » on Crous’s website  between january 15th and april 30th, previous to the start of the academic year.

Accomodation in an international residence

  • International Residence
    In the heart of the Campus, the International residence receives phD students and researchers coming to Université Paris-Est (UPE); a university community composed of 22 institutions.
    Contact :
  • La Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris La Cité Internationale Universitaire
    receives students and researchers from all over the world, in it’s 40 houses. In order to ask for an accomodation students must previously be unrolled in a French University (priority given to Universities of the region Île-de-France) and prepare minimum a Masters degree. Researchers must at least have a PhD.

Researchers, PhD students, trainees…visiting research centers


  • Science Accueil proposes an individual welcoming service for international researchers or from other French regions.


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