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Evénement : Séminaire : "Internationalising Cities" : The City and its migrants

Séminaire : "Internationalising Cities" : The City and its migrants


The third international workshop of the research program « Internationalizing cities » co-organized by the PUCA and LATTS will take place on March 20th 2017 in Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris and will address the following topic: The City and its migrants.

Migrants are one of the most visible aspects of the internationalisation of cities and one of the most widely covered by the media. The relations between cities and migrants have been a classic issue since the Chicago School and the approach of this topic has recently been deeply reformulated, drawing on the fields of urban studies and migration studies. The objective of this seminar is to open a dialogue between these two fields of study, through urban places and urban migrants, in order to understand how urban contexts (defined in territorial as well as political terms) and urban practices (defined as ways of urban living and city making) are articulated.

Speakers and moderators : Hans Skifter Andersen, Michaela Benson, Eric Charmes, Maurice Crul, Kamel Doraï, Hadrien Dubucs, Camille Gardesse, Patrick Le Gales, Antoine Pécoud, Jan Rath, Mirna Safi, Camille Schmoll.

Program and inscriptions. 

Séminaire "Internationalising cities : The City and its migrants"
De 8h45 à 17h45
EUP Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris
- Afficher dans Google Maps
Cité Descartes - 10 boulevard Newton,  77420 Champs sur Marne.

Attention : Se munir d'une pièce d'identité.

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