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Evénement : International Summer School in South Korea

International Summer School in South Korea


International Summer School of Chonbuk National University

Every year Chonbuk National University runs its International Summer School program by inviting international students and professors to learn and teach a variety of intensive courses. Over the last few years this programme has continued to gain reputability and as such, we are preparing for an expansion in 2014.


The International Summer School 2014 will run from Monday 30th June to Friday 18th July lasting a total of 3 weeks. Over this period students will be provided with 45 hours of teaching (3 hours per weekday) and 3 credits per course.

An invitation to teach at ISS 2014

For next year’s International Summer School, they are looking to invite more professors to teach courses relating to Korean studies, East Asian studies, and other regional studies of which professors have expertise. You are invited to   to teach at ISS 2014. They are particularly encouraging young researchers and teachers to join ISS 2014 with their own courses to build-up their teaching careers. All professors and lecturers running courses in 2014 will be provided with $3,000 USD of teaching compensation, economy class round trip airfare and accommodation during their stay at CBNU.

Courses are kept to be at a moderate level to make them as accessible as possible in order to introduce the most students to the above fields of study. Each course should have generated enough interest that a minimum of 10 students are enrolled by 19th May, 2014, however if this is not the case, they will need to discuss further the feasibility of its running.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply your intentions to teach in ISS 2014 to the Service des Relations Internationales - Enseignements (SRI-E) by the 27th of  January 2014. 

Then you would have to indicate a course title to Chonbuk University by the 29th of January before sending a syllabus by the 6th of February 2014.

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