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LISAA (EA 4120)

Littératures, Savoirs et Arts (LISAA) - EA 4120

« Littératures, Knowledge, Arts » (LISAA) - EA 4120




Université Gustave Eiffel


Teams and research areas

French and spanish litteratures, arts, history of litterature and arts.

  • Form, theories and discourse (Gisèle Seginger): Vision and knowledge - Genetic criticism and writing of knowledge - Archeology and genealogy of knowledge, epistemocriticism.
  • Writings of the Hispanic world  (Christine Delfour): Knowledge of the world and knowledge areas - Vision and knowledge - Society, knowledge and representations - Translation: the circulation of knowledge.
  • Cinematographic, audiovisual, musical and numeric arts confluences (Martin Laliberté): Body, gesture, tool -  Representing theory, thinking the practices - Interactions between creation and diffusion methods - The sensible.
  • Linguistics Group (Lionel Dufaye): Syntactic forms, discursive forms - Theories of translation.