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Laboratoire Techniques, Territoires et Sociétés (LATTS) - UMR 8134 CNRS

« Research Centre on technologies, territories and societies» (LATTS) - UMR 8134 CNRS


Nathalie ROSEAU

Deputy Director

Alexandre MATHIEU-FRITZ, François-Mathieu POUPEAU


Université Gustave Eiffel, École des Ponts ParisTech, CNRS


Teams and research areas


  • Political economy of urban production(L. Halbert) : economic and financial logics at work in the material production of urbanised spaces. Economic agents, their values, their powerrelations
  • Technical Government of Companies and Administrations (F-M. Poupeau, S. Bernardin) : operation and transformations of public or private organisations, via an approach based on sociotechnical tools and systems
  • Digital Infrastructures (A. Mathieu-Fritz, D. Trupia) : movements to digitise technical infrastructures (smart infrastructures) and to infrastructurise digital technologies (big data, social and semantic web, information systems, etc.)
  • Infrastructures, Policies and Urban Worlds (J. Rutherford) : links between cities and their technical water, energy, waste, telecommunications or transport systems, in the North and South
  • Knowledge, Technical Cultures, Territories (K. Chatzis, N. Roseau) : technical cultures and trajectories analysed through the comparison of metamorphoses experienced by contemporary societies and in earlier periods
  • Urban and Environnemental Risks (J. Fayeton, V. November): exploration of the urban question through risks and, reciprocally, reflections on the specificity of risks in the urban framework.