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International Relations at UPEM
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Internationalism has recently become an essential component of a funcioning university strategy.  In fact, evaluations performed by the national research agency, AERES, take into account this dimension and put great emphasis on a university's international strategy.  In this context, the main objective of the International Relations Office (SRI-E) is to enable the students of UPEM University to spend a part of their studies abroad in a partner university. The service is also responsible for foreign students who spend one or two semesters at UPEM.

In order to accomplish this, SRI-E creates and ensures the longevity of contracts and conventions with UPEM's partner institutions.  SRI-E also organizes and diffuses information on international cooperation.

SRI-E: The team - Organizational Charter (download here):

UPEM benefits from a permanent and dynamic network dedicated to the development and management of the international relations of all its departments. This network has a central structure branched in every academic unit of the university

 SRI-E: Missions:

  •  Implement both european and international politics of the university
  • Coordinate and organize geographic and thematic priorities based on the proposed actions of the faculty
  • Coordinate and sustain the international initiatives of faculty in the subject of their major
  • Welcome foreign students and faculty and accompany their stay
  • Ensure the proper implementation of regulations in the creation of international agreements
  • Mount projects for funding from the international community and manage financial arrangements to enable international mobilit
  • Instruct the commercial campaign of inter-academic exchanges
  • Manage the movement of incoming and outgoing students, faculty and administration
  • Represent the university at international conferences

SRI-E: Proposed inter-academic programs:

  •  ERASMUS, for study abroad and internship opportunities in Europe.e.
  • CREPUQ, for study abroad and internship opportunities in Québec.
  • MICEFA, for study abroad and internship opportunities in the United States.
  • Cooperation agreements in the rest of the world (China, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.) for study abroad programs.
  • International internships (Erasmus, MAE, etc.), financed by the SRI-E via devices destined for international mobility.

Service des Relations Internationales (SRI) :
Information Sheet

Maison de l'Etudiant - Bureau C01

Responsable de service
-Camille DULOR

Ingénieure de projets européens et internationaux
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 86

Pôle de mobilité d'échange
Coordinatrice du pôle de mobilité d'échange :
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 85

Chargées de mobilité internationale en programmes d'échange

+33 (0)1 71 40 81 83
-Canan-Julide TURKKAN
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 65
-Stéphane D'ORLANDO
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 66
+33 (0)1 60 95 85 52 / 44 02

Pôle de mobilité hors échange
Coordinatrice du pôle de mobilité hors échange
-Kheira DRICI
+33(0)1 71 40 81 79

Chargée de mobilité hors échange
-Coralie CHALU

Chargé de recrutement Chine
-Yaxi LIU

Chargée de projets internationaux
-Kathleen SEGHERS
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 64

Chargée d'accueil
-Sandra TOUKAM
+33 (0)1 71 40 81 84

Secrétaire pédagogique du Diplôme d'université Formation à la Culture et aux Méthodologies Universitaires Françaises
+33(0)1 60 95 77 40

Horaires d'accueil SRI
9h30 - 12h00 / 14h30 - 16h30 (Fermé le mercredi)



Adresse Postale

Université Gustave Eiffel
Service des Relations Internationales
Maison de l'Étudiant C01
5 Boulevard Descartes - Champs-sur-Marne
77454 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2