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Diplôme universitaire Formation à la Culture et aux Méthodologies Universitaires Françaises
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Diplôme universitaire FCMUF

The University of Gustave Eiffel offers a training programme attested by a university diploma - called diplôme universitaire (DU) - to help international non-french native speaker students in becoming more familiar with the French university certification system.
Enrolled students are trained in French academic methodology. They are also given classes in French culture and French language. In addition, the programme allows them to follow classes in other specific training areas in order to foster better integration into a bachelor's ou master's degree programme.



First semester

UE 1 French courses

UE 2 Culture and university methodology

UE 3 English courses


Second semester

UE 1 French courses

UE 2 Culture and university methodology

UE 3 English courses

UE 4 Introduction to the disciplinary system

UE 5 Professional or academic project  (dissertation/project/Internship)


Training includes for the whole academic year:

- French classes:
- English classes:
- University methodology:
- French culture classes:
- An additional hour of disciplinary courses for the second Semester 

Conditions of admission:

Being an international non-french native speaker student with a minimum French level of B1.

Selection based on application and on interview.

 Enrolment fees:

4500 € for a whole academic year (2 semesters),

+ 170 €* for the administrative enrolment,

+ 91 € for the mandatory student life and campus contribution.

 *this fee is valid for 2019-2020. It is defined yearly by ministerial order and is likely to change.

For any further information, please send an email to