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IRG (EA 2354)

Institut de Recherche en Gestion (IRG) - EA 2354

« Management research institute » (IRG) EA 2354


Emmanuelle DUBOCAGE

Deputy Director



UPEC, Université Gustave Eiffel


Teams and research areas

IRG is structured in three disciplinary areas and in 6 thematic projects on which people from different disciplinary areas are working together

Disciplinary areas

  • Finance and accounting (S. Lajili Jarjir and A. Cellier)
  • Management (F. Allard Poesi and S. Mignot-Gérard)
  • Marketing (C. de Lassus and A. Bonnemaizon)

Thematic projects

  • Managing change (I. Vandangeon)
  • Creativity and Innovation (V. Attias Delattre, C. Fonrouge and I. Vandangeon)
  • Finance and CSR (S. Lajili Jarjir)
  • Services Management (M. Jougleux)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (J. Brabet)
  • Managing performance of public organizations and social economy (P.Codello-Guijarro, P. Terrisse)