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Laboratoire Analyse et Mathématiques Appliquées (LAMA) - UMR 8050 CNRS

« Laboratory of Analysis and Applied Mathematics » (LAMA) - UMR 8050 CNRS


Olivier GUEDON

Deputy Director

Stéphane JAFFARD


Université Gustave Eiffel, UPEC, CNRS


Teams and research areas

  • Analysis (S. Jaffard): Dynamics - Wavelets and multifractal analysis.
  • Partial differential equations (R. Danchin): Models from fluid mechanics - Elliptic PDE's - Other models of PDE's.
  • Analysis in high dimensions: geometrical and probabilistic aspects (O. Guédon): Functional, entropy and isoperimetric inequalities - Statistical mechanics - Singular values of random matrices - Signal reconstruction.
  • Problems related to curvature (L. Hauswirth): Surfaces with constant mean curvature in homogeneous and in Riemannian manifolds - Isoperimetric domains - Singular solutions for geometrical problems - Lagrangian surfaces.
  • Probability and statistics (R. Rhodes): Systems of paricles in interaction - Random media and related problems - Stochastic partial differential equations - Numerical probabilities and financial mathematics - Limit theorems in statistics.