Prize-winners of the New Albums of the Young Architects 2001-2002 The Beckmann-N'Thépé architects'office is a young French LTD agency established in 2002 . Managed by two partners, Aldric Beckmann (DPLG   gratuated in1995) and Françoise N' Thépé (DESA - gratuated in 1999), the office include a team of 10 to 15 persons.

The office uprose from the two young partners' commun desire: get together and offer o project focused on contempory architecture. It also  works in connection with town planning and to scenography. Thanks to it, it acquired a knowledge which opens on various porjects, on ancient and new buildings in different backgrounds: cultural, social, administrative...

The Beckmann N'Thepe architects'office

A recent execution: An appartment building at Massena


A new construction: the Building in the MAssena Area

Developing its autonomy, this project fits in a larger set, the Massena district, in the XIII neighbourhoud of Paris, and thus participates with rigour and elegance in the urban ambitions hatched by the architect Christian de Porzanparc.

One finds here the tones and principles which take place in the project of the UPEMLV academic library.

Execution in July, 2007